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"A compelling story with an intelligent heroine and a fast-moving plot pitting intuition against conspiracy, crime, and dark science."

- Linda Robertson, author of Hallowed Circle


DARK ORACLE is a scientific, paranormal read that takes readers on a wild chase. A subtle romance lends to the entertainment this read offers. Tara is a strong female who has many stories till waiting to be told. An interesting new series that is not quite like anything else! (4 stars)

-RT Book Reviews


Fangtasic Reviews:

Dark Oracle is a novel filled with exquisite descriptions and rich detail that put you right in the middle of everything. While reading you feel as though you have been transported directly to the scene.

Tara Sheridan used to be a criminal profiler. She used a combination of science and her intuitive skills channeled through her Tarot card divination. Then she got too close and became a victim of the serial killer she was tracking. Left scarred and scared she quit work and pretty much quit life moving to a remote location with no one for company except her cat.

Now Tara has been asked by Delphi’s Daughters, a secret and powerful group of women her mother was part of, to look into the disappearance of scientist Lowell Magnusson. She doesn’t want to but can’t let it go, so she heads back to her old life and ends up right in the middle of a dangerous situation.

Mystery, corruption, science, magick, even a little romance…it’s all here in Dark Oracle. It is a richly detailed book full of characters you’ll want more of. Totally unique.

I really loved the history and lore of the Tarot that was included, it made me pull out my old deck which I haven’t touched in years.

Fab read, I look forward to more books by Alayna Williams.


4 out of 5 from Romance Junkies:

If you are looking for an urban fantasy that is jam-packed with spin-chilling mystery from start to finish, then DARK ORACLE is just the book for you. The main focal point of the plot revolved around Tarot cards – there were no werewolves, vampires or God-like beings; yet, there still was a paranormal element presence. Readers, I must warn you that DARK ORACLE is an introductory novel to author Alayna Williams’ new series, and it ends on a cliffhanger note with more exciting episodes to come. There was some romance but it was told in a secondary manner. I am sure that Tara’s romantic relationship with her new FBI partner will develop more in depth as the series progresses. Overall, I found DARK ORACLE to be an enjoyable sci-fi, urban fantasy read.- Romance Junkies Reviewer Contessa


Bitten by Books:

The exciting Dark Oracle draws the reader in from its first page description of the remnants of a scientific site explosion, setting the scene for the events to follow… elements combine to create a thrilling cat and mouse game characterized by wonderful pacing and sustained suspense. The villains of the piece are revealed early on, but the unknown fate of the man being searched for keeps the reader guessing throughout the book. Williams excels at depicting a world of both shadowy magic and dark science, and her skillful characterization of both primary and secondary players adds breadth to the narrative. An unusual and atypical backdrop for the story sets this novel apart from the herd in the urban fantasy field, earning the author extra points. This reviewer fears that the sequel to this excellent and intriguing novel will be much too long in arriving. (Five stars)


Tez Says Review:

Tarot, quantum physics, mines, botany, geology, divination, serial killers…if any of these interest you, purchasing Dark Oracle would be wise. A mix of The X-Files and Alex Kava’s Maggie O’Dell series, this novel has enlivened urban fantasy with a smack of science that grounds the story with realism. Plus, there are definite wow moments – the climax features a character who truly is one with the earth, in jaw-dropping imagery. Unfortunately, the sequel, Rogue Oracle, won’t be released until March. Too bloody long away…


Pearls Cast:

I’ve been wanting to read this book since the first time I heard about it as it sounded really cool. And it is! I love this book.

The mix of tarot and profiling is very well written and Williams sure knows her tarot too I can tell you. The story is suspenseful and compelling with rich and vivid descriptions and even though Williams uses various viewpoints this didn’t distract me from the story as sometimes happens, but instead it felt right as it gave me extra insight in the story that made it come even more alive.

Tara is a character you can really care about and I was happy to see her grow throughout the story. Voodoo Bride wants me to add she loves the romantic storyline in this book and I have to agree with her that it really fits within the overall story. All in all I hope there’ll be many more books in this series as I want to know what’s next for Tara.

Why should you read it:
Anyone with an interest in tarot will love this book as well as anyone who likes a decent Urban Fantasy story that doesn’t focus on creatures, but more on personal magic powers.


Huntress Reviews:

**** FOUR STARS! The author has done an exceptional job of explaining the complex Tarot methods in easy to understand ways. Even though I know only a little about Tarot cards, I had absolutely no trouble understanding everything. However, due to each card’s multiple meanings, in addition to the meaning of each card’s placement within a pattern, the divination scenes are very long winded. Necessary, I understand, but still tedious. The characters’ developments are well done, the plot is solid, and I felt an underlining tension throughout the entire story. These made the pages seem to fly by for me. I stayed awake much longer than I should have, but Tara’s mysterious background kept me enthralled. I wanted to know more - now, now, now! Other than having to read slowly during the long divinations, I found this story to be fantastic.